Your Benefits

Our employees are high performers that demonstrate commitment and passion. We create a productive working environment to ensure a balance between work and your personal life, so that you are able to balance career and family. Find out what we do for our employees!

Your life

Do you believe there’s more to life than just work? We do too. That is why we enable you as our employee to maintain the right life/work balance. Your personal circumstances determine what’s right for you: flexible working hours, working from home, parental leave, ‘partner months’ and extra free time for older staff are givens. We also support you by providing various health options, ergonomic workplaces and modern IT equipment.

Your career

Lifelong learning is not just an empty phrase to us. We help you here, as it helps you maintain high performance standards throughout your career and hence benefits our business accordingly. We enable it through a wide range of international learning opportunities. We also make sure that all of our employees are deployed in the right place. Because only then can they live up to their talents and take them to the next level.

Your merits

It is important for us that you receive what’s well deserved. This includes personal recognition and individual feedback. Of course, we provide you with competitive, performance-related remuneration. And we also look to the time after your professional career. Including our company pension scheme and the option of entering a flexible transition to retirement. 

Your colleagues

Innovation, customer focus and success do not mean shutting ourselves off in knowledge silos, quite the contrary. Teamwork is very high on our list of priorities. Our managers ensure they create and live an open, trust-based working environment. We encourage colleagues to compare notes accordingly. Last but not least, we define responsibilities and competencies very clearly, to enable all to act as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Your opportunities

Our customers are our mission and they are at home all over the world. Thanks to our international group of companies that’s interlinked under one roof, we connect people and knowledge worldwide to solve global problems. For you that means: an international career with us is open to you and your personal development journey can take you in a variety of directions.

Your ideas

For us, working on the best solutions is not a one-way street. We depend and we rely on your know-how and ideas. That’s why we encourage you to share your suggestions with us. In this respect we treat you like our customers. We are always receptive to you and your ideas. We assess them using a specially developed management system, helping us to evaluate all suggestions and recognize them.

  • "The interactions with a diverse group of people from different fields make my tasks even more rewarding. From this I can profit both on a professional - as well as on a personal level."

    Markus Scherler, Head of Business Segment Management Europe