4th Construction Chemicals Days 2021 by MBCC Group

Marking the continuation of a successful tradition, the 2021 Construction Chemicals Days held by MBCC Group again focused on providing an exclusive, international event aimed primarily at future civil-engineering and construction-chemistry specialists – this time around in an exclusively online setting.

As in the years before, the Construction Chemicals Days met with great interest: students and graduates of construction-relevant degree programs from across the Europe region sent in applications, with some 20 of the best receiving an invitation. They were provided with the opportunity to engage in dialog with one another as well with experienced experts and to get to know MBCC Group as a potential future employer.

The highlights of the three-day event with its many presentations and discussions included a panel discussion on the topic of sustainability: Five experts from various segments of the MBCC Group talked about the importance of sustainability, about how they make sustainability happen in both their professional and private lives, and about how a sustainable future might look like. Working on case studies, the participants were then required to show their technical knowledge as well as their creativity, initiative and teamwork skills: Allocated to one of three groups, they were given the task of designing a complex 3D-printing project. As the event neared its end, the results were presented to an MBCC Group jury – who were highly impressed throughout by the quality of the work –, followed by discussions of the merits of the various proposals, and, ultimately, by rating them. The prize for the highest-rated case study: a laboratory visit at an MBCC Group site.

Another important point on the agenda of this year’s Construction Chemicals Days, and one of particular interest to the future young professionals: MBCC Group recruiting specialists highlighted the professional opportunities across the industry as well as within the Group, presented specific job opportunities, and detailed the application process. Immediately afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to discuss specific questions with HR experts from various European countries.

“For many years now, and this time around as well, the Construction Chemicals Days have provided an ideal forum for engaging with highly committed students and graduates”, summarizes Manfred Schnapp, Vice President Human Resources Europe at MBCC Group. “And even though experience has shown that meeting in person is an important element of events such as this one in particular, we are very happy with the online solution as well: We have met more than 20 highly talented young people, and the participants quite possibly set the course for their professional future.”