Working in Corporate Functions

There is an effective network of central specialists behind all of our products: our controllers, our IT specialists, our colleagues in legal, in finance and in the personnel department, our communications as well as our facility managers. All of them make a major contribution to our success story. Hence, we depend on getting the right people on board for these divisions.

Are you open-minded and mentally agile? Are you ready to accept challenges and master them on a daily basis? Are you solutions-focused and do you work independently? Are diligence and being supportive part of your character? Then you are one of those people who might fit very well into one of our corporate function teams. Here are the divisions that support all of us and might need your support:

Fields in Corporate Functions

General Management

We maintain a clear overview. We interface with all divisions and regions. We define our corporate strategy and thus ensure the future of our company.

Finance & Controlling

We make sure that our numbers are right. So that our company is always liquid and therefore able to finance all of our projects.

Information Technology (IT)

We help our business to benefit from the digital journey we have embarked upon.

Environmental, Health & Safety

We make sure that our employees get through their daily work fit and safe. And we love helping to make our company more sustainable.

Human Resources

Our focus is on our employees. We support them in all personnel matters. We bring more and more on board, develop them and retain them within our organization.

Legal & Compliance, Tax, Insurance

We are not satisfied unless all legal requirements and company guidelines are observed. This is how we guarantee that we always act in compliant fashion and do not make any legal mistakes.


We love keeping people up to date and share all relevant corporate information with them internally as well as externally.

Real Estate Management

We are the people that keep our colleagues’ second home in good shape. We look after our company's land and buildings every day. Ensuring that no office is unlit and no elevator stands still.

We know that our innovative products can only perform to their promise when produced with the right ingredients. That's why we ensure a close link with our suppliers of high-quality raw material, technical service and goods.


Jobs in Corporate Functions