Working in Marketing & Sales

About MBCC Group

We in “Marketing & Sales” are the interface with the customer. We make sure that the construction industry knows about our products and innovations. Since all of us are technically well educated, we speak the language of our customers. But we also listen very carefully. This is the only way we can learn where their problems lie and what solutions they require. We excel at developing and implementing the best solutions in regular and close cooperation with colleagues from other divisions, like “Research & Development”. This is what characterizes our innovative strength. By doing so, we aspire to push the boundaries of what is feasible back further and further.

In our team no two working days are alike. Simply because the tasks we have are too manifold. But what always remains constant is our customer focus. We all pull together for our customers and seek constant contact in order to offer them the best possible solutions. We are receptive to new as well as to unconventional approaches. Our flat hierarchies make it happen.

What makes you a perfect member of our team is a good technical understanding of construction chemicals, good self-organization and the ability to prioritize. Making things better for our customers is a natural part of your repertoire. In addition to a certain amount of empathy, this also includes persistence and persuasiveness when in customer contact. If you have this professional approach, you will easily fit into our committed, passionate team. Call or email us. We are looking forward to get to know you in person.

Jobs in Marketing & Sales

  • "Our unconditional will to achieve improvements is not just a slogan, it is really lived throughout the organization. We also embody a seriousness: We speak openly with our customers and clearly address the issues at hand."

    Ronald König, General Sales Manager Germany

  • "In direct customer contact you build up relationships of trust. I would never risk that for short-term success. Integrity, honesty and credibility are important and ultimately rewarded with long-term success."

    Dr. Wolfgang Aldrian, Principal Expert Tunneling and Mining