Working in Operations

Working in Operations

Did you ever wonder how raw materials such as sand turn into new buildings on construction sites? “Operations” ensures that at the end of the journey, customers experience reliable and timely deliveries of premium products at competitive and that state-of-the-art safety standards are observed. Operations involves the coordination and cooperation of many functions such as Production, Engineering & Maintenance, Supply Chain Management, and Process Technology always closely connected to EHS.
Production is responsible for producing the finished products safely and reliably in the quality and quantity that customers demand. Engineering & Maintenance plan and build new plants, safety upgrades, capacity expansions, and the replacement of existing equipment and machinery. Maintenance ensures that there is sufficient capacity to produce the finished goods according to customer demand. Supply Chain Management is responsible for managing the entire logistics value chain, from order entry to delivery. It is the key liaison between all internal and external stakeholders. Process Technology continually strives to improve processes to maximize production efficiency and minimize waste. Value Stream Analysis and the application of Lean Concepts in Operations is a core competency of Process Technology. Our experts in Occupational and Process Safety (EHS) ensure the safe operation of all assets and the safe movement of goods.
Operations rely on processes, machines, devices and systems that allow us to produce products to high-standards and deliver superior performance every day. To successfully do so, we create a working environment of trust and entrepreneurship where talents can excel. We demonstrate perseverance and problem-solving skills on a daily basis to offer multiple service options to our customers with full cost transparency so that everybody profits

Are you an excellent communicator with great interpersonal skills? Would you like to contribute to the creation of our innovative products and provide result-oriented customer service?  Your analytical skills enable you to work under time constraints and yet prioritize and stay focused?  Sounds like the perfect fit? Join our Operations-Team today and enrich one of our functions with your personal touch tomorrow!

Even if you feel that you do not yet meet all the requirements, it is still important to be eager to learn and open to work in a creative and agile team to support each other so that every team member achieves their full potential and contributes to excellent products and an outstanding customer experience.


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